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Camera obscura

Installation Notes
1. The pocket darkroom placed on a fixed desktop.
2. Open the lid on the portable darkroom.
3. The developer posted (A), stop bath (B), the fixing solution (C), water (D) four cups from left to right into the four holes in the pocket darkroom site.
4. Open A, B, C three cups lid and tearing the sealing film back into the original position, D cup water.
5. The film holder hanging on the wire pocket darkroom.
6. Replace the lid, you can use a portable darkroom.
Instructions for use
1. Measured with a thermometer developer (A) temperature.
2. The dental film radiography after extending into the pocket darkroom two eyes, torn sheet bags remove the film, the film is clamped on any corner of the film holder.
3. Referring to developer (A) listed in Table developing time (or press a personal washing time developing empirical observation results, determine development time).
4. The film holder with the film quickly immersed in developing solution (A), and stir for 10 seconds, hanging cup quiet place for 2-5 minutes.
Experience tells: When should a high temperature once every minute to observe the effect of development, to prevent over-black; when the low temperature once every 2 minutes to observe the effect of development. In short, we should achieve a satisfactory image until the desired treatment.
5. After development, the film should be immediately placed in the film holder with stop bath (B), and stir for 10 seconds floating contact (Note: At this time the clip can not be returned to the developer).
6. Then the film holder with the film into the fixing solution (C), stir for 10 seconds, hanging cup quiet place 2-4 minutes to complete the fixing film subject.
7. Then the film holder with the film into the water (D) cup rinsed for 10 minutes. (If at this anxious to see the effect on the film viewer point of view on the wet sheet).
8. Finally, the film in a clean place to hang dry or drying, archive.
1. As self-made or purchased liquid other units, the adjustment should be on the table parameters to ensure image quality.
2. To avoid damage or fingerprints appear on the radiograph, the operation need to be careful.
3. A film thrown developer (A), should be immediately removed to prevent a developed black.
4. When not covered with lid, to extend the use of time.
5. To ensure high quality images, usually 15 days or 150 rinse after dental films, Xu new ones added. Cup after tearing the film valid for 30 days.
6. A, B, C cups liquid splashed in the eyes, immediately wash with water.
7. Pocket darkroom cover photoconductive material is expensive, pay attention to protection, to prevent rupture!
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