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After-sales Service

After-sales Service

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1、After-sales System Construction 
1、Service System:
Zhonglian Hainuo Medical Service Center adheres to the service tenet of “Focus on Customers, Pursue Exquisite, Earnest and Warm” and serves users sincerely. User satisfaction is our work standard. We have passed the certifications of ISO9001 and ISO13485.
2、Quality System:
We always put customer satisfaction in the first place in our sales work. Every commodity delivered carries a standard number. We will trace it in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001:2000 Quality System.
3、Service Outlet:
We specially set up an independent after-sales service department composed of professional engineers, integrate the service resources of all dental equipment manufacturers in China and focus on the construction of China’s first oral device pre-sales, sales and after-sales service network. Mainly responsible for customer information collection, customer feedback processing, customer return visits, etc. In addition, we give full play to our advantage of localization and join hands with customer service centers in all regions and all manufactory distribution units to provide users with the most satisfying after-sales service.
4.After-sales Service Agency and Contact Information:
National Customer Service Hotline:0532-83669039
After-sales Service Supervision Tel:0532-83669039 

2、Product Quality Assurance and After-sales Service Commitment        
1.Zhonglian Hainuo users enjoy warranty period not shorter than what is specified in the national three warranties: Within the warranty period, we provide users with service without charge; and when the warranty period expires, we will provide users with paid services according to the “Unified Charging Standard” of Zhonglian Hainuo. We offer lifetime maintenance.
2、Goods we provide are new, quality and qualified original products and in line with the manufacturer’s quality standard.
3、Equipment packaging meets relevant standards. The packaging box is enclosed with a packing list, a certification of fitness, product manual, a warranty card and a series of documents in Chinese guaranteeing product quality and normal use.

3、Spare Product, Spare Parts and Technical Support  
We warrant providing the sold products with spare parts supply for more than a decade; as well as necessary product upgrade according to user needs.

4、Emergency Maintenance or Maintenance Response Time Arrangement        
1. Respond within 1 hour upon receiving customer’s call for repair. General faults will be provided with 7 × 24-hour on-site support. In the case of major failures, we provide any spare parts needed to replace in the system.
2. Factory office personnel and franchised maintenance provider will check, overhaul and maintain the all the equipment systematically once a year.

5、Training Plan
1.We implement job training policy for customer service centers in all regions. We accept product installation, operation, maintenance and other product-related skill training provided by manufacturers or agents. Related personnel cannot take his position until he passes the training examination. Then, the company will send specialists for customer service return visits and supervise the service quality of the customer service center regularly.
2.Equipment installation and commissioning personnel will provide users and maintenance personnel (2 persons or more) with training on equipment operation, performance, general maintenance and repair, as well as on application methods and common knowledge of the machine.